About Us

About Us

Founded in 1999, The Solomon Group helped launch the practice of investor relations and financial communications. Now in our fifth decade as an investor relations firm, we combine legacy knowledge of capital markets communications, and an unparalleled reputation for integrity and client service with evolving industry best practices to design and execute investor relations programs that help deliver long-term stakeholder value. No magic wands, no smoke and mirrors, no special sauce – just hard work, tangible results, and a respect for management’s time.

We measure our client relationships in years – not months – and view each engagement as a long-term partnership opportunity. At the root of our long client relationships are these guiding principles:

Our Guiding Principles.

We will perform our due diligence on every potential client, and assess the opportunities and challenges specific to that company.
We will commit a senior executive (at least 10 years of experience) to every client.
We will not overpromise what we can deliver. We will work together to customize an approach that best addresses each company’s specific goals, and revise our strategy as necessary.
We will not steer clients towards programs or events unless they advance our shared goals.
We will disagree with clients on occasion, and offer alternative approaches that we believe provide the best return on management’s time and capital investment.

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